A Revolution is Here

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The Revolution

Aren’t you tired of hiring the wrong candidate? Or accepting the wrong position? Why does this happen so frequently? Th...

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Data Driven

We are a data/analytics company that uses our proprietary engine and predictive architecture to measure, define, and...

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Industry First

Quansis positions itself as an intermediary between companies and candidates, conducting double blind evaluations. In this...

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Job Seekers

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No more wasting hundreds of hours writing resumes, covers letters and filling out duplicate applications. The Quansis System...

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Blackhole Killer

No more the Black Holes. Applications no longer disappear over the HR event horizon without any useful response...

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Get Hired

Eliminates subjectivity and bias driving hiring decisions – The Quansis System forestalls, all potential consideration...

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Hiring Companies

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We Make it Easy

Eliminates the résumé trap. Résumés and cover letters are targeted sales pitches, constituting self-reporting by...

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The Chessboard

Performance and potential are two different things, which we work to reconcile both before and after the hiring decision...

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Quansis provides continuous validation once each candidate is hired and onboarded. Our system relies not only on...

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About Us

Quansis Systems of Sacramento, Calif., is building the next wave of talent management technology by creating a new paradigm that will make the hiring process “real-time,” affordable and more effective by connecting the right candidate with the right position -- the first time.

We all understand that engaging the best people for critical roles is paramount to business success, but so is timing and cost. This new paradigm is fast, easy to use and efficient and, here is the kicker, we do not use subjective resumes, job descriptions, or a laborious application process. The right candidates will no longer be sidelined by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) or forgotten in the “Black Hole,” an unfortunate side effect of that technology.

Quansis Systems is on track to bring businesses the first version of this revolutionary new approach of hiring and managing talent by the first of the year. But you can be a part of this wave of positive change now, whether you’re a HR professional, recruiter, investor, business leader or job seeker, by joining our revolution at www.QuansisSystems.com. We’re looking forward to changing how talent and business needs come together to close skill gaps, shortfalls created by the ATS industry and imperfect hiring processes that plague many businesses today.

Rick Rasmussen

CEO of Quansis Systems

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Rick Rasmussen - CEO/FOUNDER




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Current Positions Available

We're looking for a few great team members. If you are driven, motivated, fit our unique corporate culture, and you believe in our mission 100%, then we want to buy you a coffee and get to know you. Joining our team is a once-in-a lifetime opportunity, and we treat our selection process as such. We're not just an ordinary startup that's going to end up in the dust bin of history - we are going to change history, and you can play a key role in the transformation of an entire industry.


Our Culture In Three Simple Rules

Rule 1

Do what's best for yourself.

Rule 2

Do what's best for your team.

Rule 3

Do what's best for the company.