A Hiring Revolution is Here

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The Revolution

Quansis Systems developed a new paradigm for total talent management, i.e. hiring...

Data Driven

We are a data analytics company that uses our proprietary engine and predictive architecture...

Industry First

Quansis Systems positions itself as an intermediary between companies and candidates...

Job Seekers

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You are ready for a new opportunity. With Quansis Systems, you no longer need a resume...

Blackhole Killer

No more Black Hole. Candidates currently connect with companies by keyword-driven resumes that are...

Get Hired

Quansis Systems eliminates subjectivity and bias that is driving hiring decisions by removing non...

Hiring Companies

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We Make it Easy

Quansis guides HR and hiring managers past the resume and cover letter chaos by delivering high...

Playing Chess

Performance and potential are two different things, which we work to reconcile both before and...


Quansis Systems provides continuous validation once each candidate is hired and onboarded...


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Current Positions Available

We're looking for a few great team members. If you are driven, motivated, fit our unique corporate culture, and you believe in our mission 100%, then we want to buy you a coffee and get to know you. Joining our team is a once-in-a lifetime opportunity, and we treat our selection process as such. We're not just an ordinary startup that's going to end up in the dust bin of history - we are going to change history, and you can play a key role in the transformation of an entire industry.


Our Culture In Three Simple Rules

Rule 1

Do what's best for yourself.

Rule 2

Do what's best for your team.

Rule 3

Do what's best for the company.