About Us

Quansis Systems of Sacramento, California, is building the next wave of talent management technology by creating a new paradigm that will make the hiring process “real-time,” affordable and more effective by connecting the right candidate with the right position -- the first time.

We all understand that engaging the best people for critical roles is paramount to business success, but so is timing and cost. This new paradigm is fast, easy to use and efficient and, here is the kicker, we do not use subjective resumes, job descriptions, or a laborious application process. The right candidates will no longer be sidelined by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) or forgotten in the “Black Hole,” an unfortunate side effect of that technology.

Quansis Systems is on track to bring businesses the first version of this revolutionary new approach of hiring and managing talent by the first of the year. But you can be a part of this wave of positive change now, whether you’re a HR professional, recruiter, investor, business leader or job seeker, by joining our revolution at www.QuansisSystems.com. We’re looking forward to changing how talent and business needs come together to close skill gaps, shortfalls created by the ATS industry and imperfect hiring processes that plague many businesses today.

Rick Rasmussen

CEO of Quansis Systems



Quansis Systems will be the leader of real-time talent acquisition and management.


Quansis Systems defines and creates real-time talent management by connecting organizations with right candidates through a people-focused data framework that delivers superior, unbiased hiring processes and engagement. The motivation to lead the world's dynamic employee lifecycle drives continuous innovation from our people, who champion excellence for self, team and company.

Team Members

Rick (The Explorer) Rasmussen, CEO

With a drive to solve complex business problems, Rick’s unbeatable, disruptive vision is borne from a voracious curiosity to learn new ways of exploring “what if?” As a leader, who’s long term vision for Quansis Systems includes solving identity theft next, his only use for the status quo is to fill out the rearview mirror. Rick enjoys talking with people from all industries to gain insight on helping them cure painful processes that prevent growth, which led to developing our proprietary Total Talent Management solution.

When he isn’t laying the groundwork for our next step and mentoring the team, you’ll find him exploring wilderness parks with backpack in hand, cycling with buddies and giving the ski lift a run for its money.

Rick (Govenator) Miller, Director of Process Engineering

Change is second nature for Rick, who takes disruption in stride, quickly grasps an issue and the potential fallout as to efficiently master new ways of operating a business. As govenator at Quansis Systems, he continually monitors operational procedures, creates and tweaks guidance, builds new toolkits and enforces best practices, ensuring our corporate goals remain on track.

But process and procedural leadership are only the working side of his multi-talented persona. Rick is an avid gardener, a proud owner of a Harley and, although he won’t admit it, is a chef de cuisine and master host that rivals anything from The French Laundry. Just don’t tell them he is here or they could try stealing him away!

Nate (The Brain) BeMiller, CMO

If we think about what triggers consumer action, Nate is the expert who readily taps both sides of his brain: creative thinking and data analysis. His marketing playbook for Quansis Systems takes shape from cultural sociology; identifying “want” and formulating desired responses that satisfy pressing needs. His curiosity for “how things work” and evolve will serve the brand well as our clients face greater disruption.

Nate was a competitive springboard diver for several years, but now keeps surefooted as an exceptional table-tennis player. He is happily addicted to watching tennis, is a die-hard nature show enthusiast and, when it pours, he stays indoors to watch vintage films.

Jeff (Storyteller) Miller, Director of Strategic Communications

Everyone has a story and Jeff brings it to life, whether it describes and solves a business pain point or empowering employees to succeed with information and job tools. His nemesis is the business notion, “We’ve always done it this way!” but his cure is to find ways to flip it around and close out with, “WOW! What an innovative approach to end this age-old problem.” To accomplish the turnaround, he captures the data to see the bigger picture, which usually isn’t always pretty or easy to hear.

After hours, Jeff loves the outdoors, rain or shine, and is as comfortable battling weeds in his perennial gardens and working up to blue squares on the slopes, to finding solitude in the most unlikely of places in Paris or Berlin, whether day or night.

Lauren (Visionary) Wichman

Lauren is a curator of talented teams and leads them to consensus on solving highly complex business problems. Her strategic approach to changing the status quo and moving organizations forward has served her well in decision making, governance, ethics and the speed for which to deliver in highly competitive markets.

A visionary, she draws ideas, concepts, personal strength and solace from living and learning “what makes things be” – in space, IoT and AI, photography, agriculture and energy; and, through conversations with seemingly unlikely sources: The curious minds of children. Outside of work, Lauren enjoys traveling and experiencing luxurious hotels, particularly those on the water’s edge.

Dan (Quarterback) Abresch, Front End Developer

Dan is meticulous when it comes to tackling and solving complex business problems. At Quansis, he leads website development and considers his “best friends” to be HTML, CSS, bootstrap and JQuery. After hours, he is pursuing a master’s degree in software engineering and enjoys watching sports. While not quite ready to share his golf handicap publicly, on the football field he throws a mean spiral (watch out, Aaron Rodgers!).

Dan, his wife and children have traveled all over the world – and they have a difficult time picking a single favorite spot, so they chose three: Italy, New Zealand and Kauai, for the unique beauty and culture of each destination has provided great outdoor adventures and family memories to treasure forever.

Peter (Mr. Possible) Hanely

Peter's foresight guides his belief that anything is possible as a software engineer, database designer and systems administrator. Even if he doesn't know immediately how to bring concepts to life, he’ll figure out quickly enough. In his spare time, he is cultivating knowledge in 3D modelling and dabbles in gaming technology. When the weather turns hot, which happens during summer months in Sacramento, he takes shelter in the comfort of the airconditioned apartment. The most memorable vacation spot has been the Grand Canyon, with its stunning vistas and rock formations dating back 1 billion years. Tech can't compete.

Max (Always Learning) Nasyrov, Web Developer

Max is a whiz with web development, PHP and AWS, and his favorite language is JavaScript. He enjoys digging deeper into tech issues to identify a new solution or size it up as a candidate for automation, since that is the wave of the future. Max dedicates a lot of time advancing programming skills with coursework and, in his free time, keeping up with current political and economic news.

After hours, Max enjoys Frisbee and volleyball with friends and he is training in Krav Maga. His favorite place to visit is Kyrgyzstan, but he counts California’s Yosemite as a close second-place for the park’s hiking options and wintertime festivals.