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Quansis Systems of Sacramento, California, is building the next wave of talent management technology by creating a new paradigm that will make the hiring process “real-time,” affordable and more effective by connecting the right candidate with the right position -- the first time.

We all understand that engaging the best people for critical roles is paramount to business success, but so is timing and cost. This new paradigm is fast, easy to use and efficient and, here is the kicker, we do not use subjective resumes, job descriptions, or a laborious application process. The right candidates will no longer be sidelined by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) or forgotten in the “Black Hole,” an unfortunate side effect of that technology.

Quansis Systems is on track to bring businesses the first version of this revolutionary new approach of hiring and managing talent by next spring. But you can be a part of this wave of positive change now, whether you’re a HR professional, recruiter, investor, business leader or job seeker, by joining our revolution at www.QuansisSystems.com. We’re looking forward to changing how talent and business needs come together to close skill gaps, shortfalls created by the ATS industry and imperfect hiring processes that plague many businesses today.

Rick Rasmussen

CEO of Quansis Systems


Quansis Systems will be the leader of real-time talent acquisition and management.


Quansis Systems defines and creates real-time talent management by connecting organizations with right candidates through a people-focused data framework that delivers superior, unbiased hiring processes and engagement. The motivation to lead the world's dynamic employee lifecycle drives continuous innovation from our people, who champion excellence for self, team and company.

The Leadership Team

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Rick Rasmussen
Rick R Pic
Process Engineer
Rick Miller
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Nate Bemiller
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Jeff Miller
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Dir of content development
David Effross
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SVP Healthcare market
Dr. Rick Tomlinson

The Development Team

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Software Engineer
Russ Nasyrov
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Web Developer
Dan Abresch
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Full-Stack Guru
Peter Hanely
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Full-Stack Developer
Max Nasyrov

Account Executives

Joel Shatz
Pedro Silva
Mike Rogers

Board Members

Dr. Rosario Feghali
Tim Keefe
Jane Li
Paul V. Walters
Joe Witte
Lauren Wichman


Dr. Brian Dineen
Dr. Fengmin Gong
Owen Rubin